General Election Outcome Support Group


Professionals Working for Mission-Driven International Organizations.

If you’re anxious about the implications of the outcome of the Nov 3rd elections for your well-being and that of the communities you serve, we are here to support you! 

Center for effective therapy

You’re freaking out about Tuesday’s presidential election. As a professional working on behalf of vulnerable communities around the globe, you understand that a lot is at stake. 

Personally, you’re wondering if you’ll be able to handle another four years in the current political and social climate. 

You’re losing sleep worrying about the implications for yourself, your family, or the ability of your organization to continue with its mission. 

Let’s be honest, you may even be fantasizing about doing a sabbatical year abroad starting November 4th, and since you’ve been already working remotely for 8 months, this idea seems more possible than ever! You probably are checking the information about buying that villa in Italy for one dollar! Your next step is to figure out how to bring Fido along! 

The truth is that not many people in your family or social circle get it, as you do, so you feel alone. Even though you’re surrounded by like-minded colleagues, work is not the place where you can safely and freely talk about your fears and worries. 

This Support Group offers you a space to process your feelings about the elections and the implications for your professional and personal well being without worrying about work politics. 

As a result of your participation in this group, you will experience:

  • A deep sense of belonging to a community of like-minded professionals.
  • Increased feeling of hope in humanity.
  • Renewed motivation and meaning in the important and challenging work that you do around the world. 

At the Center for Effective Psychological Services, we are passionate to support the wellbeing of mission-driven professionals who care for global communities by helping them to challenge the mechanisms of internalized oppression that often leave them depleted and steal their ability to find joy and meaning in their work. 


Date: November 4th, 12:00-1:30 pm over Zoom.

Fee: $50

Max participants: 15

You will receive the link to the Zoom meeting after we process your registration

Group Leader:

Abby Schwartz, JD, LGSW. In therapy, Abby helps high-achieving professionals who struggle with a tendency to overdo things (drinking, eating, working, keeping super busy) to let go of these unhealthy, unwanted, and unneeded habits and become a better version of themselves. Prior to becoming a therapist, Abby worked for 15 years in democracy-building in Southeast Asia and East Africa.


Claudia Salazar, Psy.D. Dr. Salazar has more than 15 years of experience in clinical practice. In the last five years, Dr. Salazar has worked closely with professionals working for International Development and Humanitarian Organizations through her work as a consultant for the KonTerra Group and the World Bank. She also supports training for advocates, attorneys, and interpreters working on behalf of immigrants, on the topic of secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout. 

A percentage of the proceeds will go towards The Loveland Foundation, a non-profit organization providing access to psychotherapy services for black women and girls.