online counseling in florida.

We are excited for the opportunity we have to work with clients who are located in Florida and seeking high-quality psychotherapy services in Spanish or English!

Perhaps you may be new to the U.S. and are having a hard time adjusting to a new life, facing the challenges of adapting to a new culture. Even if Miami feels a little like Caracas or Barranquilla, there are reminders here and there that you’re no longer in your home country. Hearing Spanish in the streets, not having any problem finding your local food… can feel very comforting to you. Maybe you even live two houses down from one of your best friends from college, or from some dear relatives. 

In the surface, not much seemed to have changed, yet, you feel sad inside and you don’t understand why.

Immigration often brings up lots of grief and shakes up our identity! 

When you decided to leave, you had to said many goodbyes, not only to people, but also to dreams, to a life you built somewhere else.

Losing your business or leaving your professional career behind was probably one of the most difficult parts of the decisions you had to make. It probably brought feelings of sadness, fear, even shame. Maybe you are having difficulty accepting a change of status, or the fact that you will have to start over. 

Having to restart your life again, building everything from scratch, is a very painful experience.

We can help you heal from the pain and make room for new possibilities!

If you have been feeling any of these ways, we are here to help!

As generalists, we can can help with a wide range of issues.

  • Overwhelmed and confused after a recent loss.
  • Anxious about COVID-19 pandemic-related issues.
  • Exhausted due to difficulties with sleep.
  • Isolated but with significant lack of motivation to connect with others since COVID. started
  • Down or depressed for a while without knowing why.
  • Frustrated with long-standing issues in your relationships, romantic, work, or family.
  • Burnout at work, or experiencing PTSD symptoms associated with your work with vulnerable populations (teachers, physicians, therapists, attorneys).
  • Experiencing stress related to life changes such as menopause, divorce, or becoming a new parent.
  • Feeling out of your mind while parenting teenagers.
  • Facing the challenges of being an empty nester, grieving your role as a mother, and trying to figure out your new purpose and identity.

How do I start?

We have really worked hard to put in place systems that facilitate getting started with therapy.

Send us an email at so that our Client Care Coordinator can help you get set up and connected to one of our FL-based therapists. 

Or click the button to schedule direclty a time to speak with our Client Care Coordinator and be assigned to one of our Florida licensed therapists.


Connect with our Client Care Coordinator


New to online therapy?

Every time that we do something new or meet a new person, we may feel a little anxious about it. 

We don’t want that the logistics of meeting with your therapist online become a hassle or adds to the “butterflies” that you may feel already about getting started with therapy!

We use a HIPPA-compliant teletherapy platform to meet with our clients. You will need:

  • An email account.
  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Internet through WIFI or your phone carrier data plan.
  • Patient Portal access (we help you get set with this)
  • On the day of the appointment:
    • You will use your login information to access your therapy appointment via client portal.
    • You and your therapist will make sure that you can see and hear each other clearly. Occasional “glitches” will be inevitable, usually, they can be resolved by logging off and back on.  
    • You and your therapist will also discuss a back-up platform for Teletherapy if needed. At CEPS, we use Google Workspace-Meet as an alternative when our regular platform gets glitchy.