CEPS effective therapy
Deliberate practive consultation and supervision

Research on therapy outcomes has shown that only 50% of our clients improve in therapy. A significant portion of the remaining 50% either remain stuck in therapy, and a small percentage deteriorate. Like most clinicians who are committed to help their patients, I knew most of clients had benefited from therapy with me, but I also wondered about those clients who left prematurely, and those whose progress was stalling.

When I saw the research data on therapy outcomes, I was:

  • Relieved to know that this was a norm in most clinician’s experience.
  • Alarmed about the lack of a systematic way to know whether our patients are improving or not.
  • Motivated to address this issue in my own practice.

There are three particular angles that I am available to teach, supervise and consult with other clinicians, who like me, are committed to improve their clinical skills so that they can serve their clients better.

  • Clinical Skills training
  • Development of Self Supervision skills and practice based on a model that follows principles of Deliberate Practice
  • Implementation of Outcome Measures

I offer my supervision and consultation services in a small group format, face to face or online. If you are interested in learning more about this, feel free to contact me.