Dear CEPS Clients:

We are continuing to provide our services without interruption via remote counseling our current clients and new clients!

By now we are certain that everybody has taken the steps necessary to familiarize themselves with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for the prevention of infectious diseases. Good handwashing is essential for health, not only this time but always. We encourage you to follow their guidelines and to rely on them for updated information about the current situation.

As mental health providers, we particularly worry about the psychological ramifications of panic, fear, and social isolation, and stigmatization for our clients and our community. We also acknowledge that situations like this can be particularly difficult for those who struggle with anxiety disorders and their loved ones.

Steps were already taken by CEPS:

As you may have noticed this week, we have been disinfecting surfaces, door handles, light switches, coffee maker, and other high-traffic surfaces, several times a day. We also have placed a few “to-go” hand sanitizers (until supplies last). Please remember that it is always better to stop by the restrooms and have a good old-fashioned hand-washing routine before you come into the suite and after you leave.

Steps for you to take in the next coming days/weeks:

  • Stay home if you have been experiencing fever higher than 100.4F in the last 48 hours and/or experiencing shortness of breath.

  • Call or email your therapist ASAP if you are not feeling well or prefer not to come into the office, so we can waive your late-cancelation fee.

  • Consider rescheduling your session or having an online session through our HIPPA compliant Google Meet system.

  • Please Sign teletherapy consent that will be shared via Therapy Notes Client Portal

  • Stay home if you are immunocompromised.

  • Check with your insurance company about whether teletherapy is covered under your current plan.

Next steps for us: Community Psychosocial Support

We will be offering a Live Webinar next Monday, March 16th at 2pm (English) and another one on March 17th at 4:00pm (Spanish). We will talk about how to maintain your resilience during stressful times, and ways to manage anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Please pay attention to your email as we will be sending information with instructions about how to register. Feel free to share this information with those who may be interested as well. We will also be posting helpful tips and advice in our blog as well as our Facebook page.

Lastly, we want to remind you to stay calm, practice good self-care, compassion towards yourself and others during this stressful time.

— Claudia Salazar, Psy.D & CEPS team