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Center for effective therapy

Claudia Salazar, Psy.D

Owner and Therapist in Washington, DC


If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when? Rabbi Hillel


As the owner of the Center for Effective Psychological Services, I am very proud of the team of therapists and healers that have come together to take care of our clients, like you. We share our hunger for knowledge, mastery, and our passion to help the world be a better place for all. 

Note: At this time, I am not able to take new clients. Please email our intake coordinator to match you with one of our great therapists. 

My Therapy Specialties in Washington DC

Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression and Relationship Issues

I specialize in providing in-depth, time-effective psychotherapy for a wide range of concerns such as anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. This format of psychotherapy allows you to work on some of the most pressing issues that you are currently facing, within the time constraints that are typical for busy professionals like you.

Workplace Stress, PTSD and Trauma Counseling

In the last five years, I have worked closely with professionals in the humanitarian and international development fields to help them address work-related stress and trauma. I often give talks and trainings in the topics of burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma for professionals in the medical and legal field, or for those who work in organizations serving vulnerable populations.

What is different about the way I work?

I have been trained to provide intensive therapy sessions. This kind of therapy is a great fit if you are committed to do the work that therapy requires. It also allows you to get help for your concerns in blocks of time (often 3 hours) so that your frequent travel doesn’t keep interfering with your ability to get help. I also offer online therapy while you are on a mission or if your work schedule is so tight that coming to the office is difficult on weekly basis.

How therapy in Washington DC with me looks like?

My style as a therapist is active and down to earth. One of the traits that my clients appreciate about me is that I have a compassionate approach to truth-telling. I work collaboratively with you to create a relationship that provides a sense of safety and connection so that curiosity and exploration can happen. Our work together will have an optimal level of challenge so that change can take place.

About Me

I graduated with a Psychology Degree from the Universidad de Los Andes in 1996 and earned my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychologist from the George Washington University in 2007. I hold a certificate in ISTDP- Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy- which is an in-depth therapy model that integrates neuroscience, psychodynamic principles, attachment theory, and mindfulness/body-centerd techniques, designed to bring about psychological change in the shortest time possible. Currently I am completing the Level 1 of Sensorymotor Psychotherapy for Trauma Training: Affect Regulation, Attachment, and Trauma.

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