Why Work with Us?

In therapy we will help you to reclaim the healing power that has been obscured or unavailable to you for quite sometime now so that you can finally move from surviving to thriving and flourishing. 

You have been relying on time-tested strategies that keep you at a safe distance from painful thoughts, feelings or memories of the past.

Some of those strategies are great at preventing possible dangers ahead. They tell you stories about all the possible things that can go wrong IF you were to stand up to your mother, ask for a promotion, or say no to your boss when your plate is full. Spending precious hours at night rehashing a past conversation over and over to make sure you won’t be rejected. You’ve learn to stay silent, to hide. To avoid conflict at all cost, you say yes when you want to say no.  

Other strategies bring your pain down right away, but at a high cost. Avoid opening email, procrastinate on deliverables, engaging in compulsive shopping, or shutting down with your partner. These are some of your to-go measures when you start to feel overwhelmed. 

Despite their good intention to protect you, these strategies have the potential to hurt your and your relationships. They create suffering along the way. 

We are trained in modalities of therapy that are very effective at helping you transform those automatic strategies into an intentional, authentic, and healthy way to relate to yourself and others. 

Therapy with us is:

  • Trauma-Informed: The problems our clients experience are the result of their best efforts to cope with events or relationships that have been overwhelming at some point in their lives. In order to heal, therapist and clients need to partner in doing therapy work that is meaningful, challenging, growth promoting, while at the same time keeping the work at an optimal level of comfort.
  • Emotion-Focused/Experiential:  Emotions have a fundamental role in healing. Learning to face our feelings instead of avoiding them is at the root of healing from psychological suffering. We are also big proponents of the importance of working with the body and the brain as a unit so that our clients can really move forward towards their goals. Our therapists are trained to incorporate body-centered modalities such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) in their work with clients.
  • Attachment Based: We believe in the power of relationships to facilite healing. As therapists we are the witness of so many powerful stories. We hold a safe space for deep, intense emotions that often have lived “orphaned” inside of you or completely exiled from your system. We provide an experience of emotional intimacy that is meant to heal old wounds and re-write hurtful narratives about what it means to be worthy of love.

We invite you to learn more about the unique services and approaches of amazing team of Clinician! Schedule a time to speak with our Intake Coordinator to start your therapy journey.


Center for effective therapy

Claudia Salazar, Psy.D

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Keren Gonzalez, LPC
Supervisor & Bilingual therapist. Trauma & Mindfulness based therapy

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Katherine Maestre, M.A, LPC
Terapia en Español para Parejas e Individuos

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Laura Aldrich, M.A, M.S.
BILINGUAL, DOCTORAL LEVEL EXTERN. Trauma, anxiety, depression

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Maria patricia rodriguez
BILINGUAL intake and client care coordinator

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