Welcome to CEPS! We are a psychotherapy practice in Washington,DC. We are passionate about helping the advocates, healers, caregivers of the world preserve or recover their ability to work, love, and play!

“What’s got you here, won’t get you there!…If you want to change anything about yourself, the best time to start is now. Ask yourself, “What am I willing to change now?” Just do that. That’s more than enough. For now.”
Marshall Goldsmith,


No matter what has brought you here, we honor your courage in taking this important step for yourself.
We understand that as a successful professional, therapy may be the last place you expected to end up. We also know that the idea of taking time for your emotional “stuff” can feel bring up feelings of discomfort, guilt, or even selfishness.
However, we believe that emotional and physical well-being can only be achieved in the context of meaningful relationships. Simply put: we are not meant to go through hard times alone.
We need someone to be “in it” with us. 
It would be our privilege to work with you to help you find the peace, freedom, and growth you are looking for.
Center for Effective Psychologist Services

At the Center for Effective Psychological Services is our mission to help you find long-lasting change in a time-effective manner. We believe in the importance of addressing the underlying factors that cause symptoms in order to find long-lasting relief from suffering, and we also understand that life is too precious to waste just waiting for decisions to be made for us or for problems to just go away.

Our goal is to provide you with a therapy experience that is life-changing.  We will work with you to create a meaningful relationship that allows for the safe discovery, acceptance, exploration, and challenge of those deeply rooted patterns of behavior, emotions, and beliefs that create most forms of suffering.





Claudia Salazar

Claudia Salazar, Psy.D
Owner and Therapist

Ellen Sweeny

Ellen McSweeney, LGSW
Trauma & Grief Therapist

Luisa Millan Center for Effective Therapy

Luisa Millan
Reiki Practitioner Level 2


We strive to create an atmosphere of connection, commitment, and support so that we can serve our clients in a sustainable way. We will achieve this by holding small caseloads, engaging in weekly consultations through a model of deliberate practice, and incorporating self-care practices in our work week. We are committed to taking the mystery and stigma our of mental health and psychotherapy.

We strive to create opportunities to help our clients to get a richer understanding about the dynamics of the human mind, the roots of suffering, and the ways in which we can take action to change deeply rooted habits that create or perpetuate our problems. We work in highly intentional and experiential formats to help you to make sense of theory in a hands-on manner so that change becomes possible.


We are passionate about what we do. Which means that we are constantly training and supervising our work with our clients in order to provide effective therapy.

We also use outcome measures to track your progress so that together we can promptly address any obstacles that get in the way of achieving your therapy goals.

We are open to ongoing feedback from our clients to improve our services.We also provide training to other mental health professionals through workshops, seminars, and mastermind groups.


At the Center for Effective Psychological Services, we embrace creativity and innovation. We are always integrating new skills and modalities of treatment that are informed by research in therapy outcome and neuropsychology. In particular, we are interested in learning and integrating body-centered, emotion-focused, and attachment-based interventions.

We also know that our clients are extremely busy and incorporate modalities of therapy that fit their busy life.


Our group therapy was founded on a vision of connection. We love creating opportunities to engage with our community through power lunch talks, workshops, and other creative outlets.We also feel strongly in working together as a team to support our growth as individuals and as a team.

We believe that meaningful connections are a key part of staying resilient while serving others.

We hope that when our clients visit our space, they can feel welcomed to a non-judgmental, vibrant, and soothing space.


Our team is diverse and appreciates diversity. We know that our clients come from all corners of the world and we are passionate about extending services beyond borders.

We also are passionate about eliminating the stigma about mental health and therapy through education.



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