As a member of the PsyPACT, Dr. Salazar can offer online therapy to individuals located in any of the where the legislation is effective. Take a look at the list here!


Psychotherapy Services for Mission-Driven Professionals 

As a mission-driven professional you are not afraid of doing hard work. You have pursued high levels of training and education driven by your desire to help others and your steadfast commitment to make the world a better and more just place to live. 

You have no shortage of compassion in you for the amount of suffering you see in the world. 

But when it comes down to your own suffering, you easily dismiss it or minimize it. Telling yourself that your pain is nothing compared to the pain your clients live with.

Inside of you lives a harsh and sometimes punitive judge that is always ready to say just the right thing to make you feel shame and guilt. So far, it has been the more effective way to make sure you don’t deviate from your ideals. 

However, you have started to notice the price you’re paying for letting this part lead the way all the time. Although you feel gratitude and admiration for getting you where you are right now, professionally and personally, there are signs that indicate that things are no longer working in the same way. 

Burnout, resentment, anxiety, and depression often work as a signal that tells us something important about the strategies that we have relied upon to deal with stress or survival. What it means is that those sets of strategies have hit their expiration date. As a result, they have become ineffective (just like expired medications), or they get us sick (just like spoiled chicken). Hope the imagery drives the point home! 🙂

We are here to help you get back on track! Our group of bilingual psychotherapists are passionate about helping clients to go from a place of overwhelm and depletion, to a place where they can fully reconnect with their capacity to fully experience joy, love, and a purpose-driven life. 

We provide trauma-informed*, attachment-based**, experiential***, individual and couples therapy, integrating effective interventions from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral,  mindfulness, and internal family systems modalities.


Center for Effective Psychologist Services

AT CEPS trauma-informed, attachment-based, experiential model. 

Trauma-Informed Therapy

A great deal of who we have become as individuals, and the quality of our relationships have to do with the way with have adapted and survived as human beings.

Sometimes, those strategies for adaptation bring hurt to ourselves or others. But they did make sense and had to be used for a good reason. Now they cause harm and suffering. Instead of shame we can learn to bring curiosity and compassion towards the parts in us that are creating pain in the present moment. 

We can also do it in an environment where we feel safe to explore who we are. To confront our deepest fears, without being overwhelmed by fears. 

A the heart of trauma-informed therapy we embrace safety, compassion, and curiosity as values that both clients and therapist strive to cultivate in the therapy journey. 

Attachment-Based Therapy

Many people think of therapy when they need advice or to be heard. Reading self-help books, talking with friends and family, and asking mentors for guidance are all great ways in which we can remain resilient and heal.  

However, therapy is different in fundamental ways. In some ways, it can be seen as the “scenario” where we are finally able to understand the reasons why we are suffering in the present moment. In attachment-based therapy, relationships take a primary focus, as emotions, thoughts, behaviors, are rooted in a story of how we learn to relate to ourselves and others. 







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