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Center for Effective Psychologist Services

High-quality Psychotherapy services for Global Professionals and Ex-Pats

CEPS is a bilingual psychotherapy practice housed in the heart of Washington, DC, and providing virtual therapy services to clients located in MD, VA, and Florida. We are passionate about working with professionals in high-stress work environments. Those high-achievers, mission-driven, passionate advocates, who tirelessly work towards making the world a better and more just place to live.

Our therapists have worked and lived abroad, which allows them to have first-hand experience of the complexities that professionals working for international organizations often struggle with.  



We are glad that you found us! We are here ready to connect with you and help you get started with the rewarding healing journey that is psychotherapy. We understand how difficult the decision to reach out for help must be for you, and we want to make sure that the process of finding the right therapist match is as easy as possible. 

These are the steps that you can easily follow to get started with one of our wonderful therapists. 

  1. Take a look at our ABOUT US page to learn more about each one of the members of our Clinical Team. 
  2. Visit our INVESTMENT page to get the basic information regarding the financial commitment involved in the process of psychotherapy, and for guidance on how to find out and understand your out-of-network insurance benefits. 
  3. CONNECT WITH US! You can easily connect with us by sending an email to intakes@centerforeffectivetherapy.com. A member from our Client Care Team will reach out to you within 24 hours to assist you with any questions you may have, and to help you get connected with one of our therapists. You can also directly schedule an appointment with our Intake Coordinator using this link. 

If you haven’t been to therapy before we get it that you may be feeling a little anxious. Or a lot! We love working with therapy newbies. 

AT CEPS we approach therapy from what is often called a trauma-informed model. In a few words, what this means is that we understand that:

  • You are not be blamed or shamed for the problems you are coming here for help.
  • Even if you don’t see it this way, at this time, the particular problem you’re experiencing is likely the result of your best efforts at dealing with emotional pain! sometimes the only way you’ve known or you could to this date. 
  • Therapy can be a vulnerable experience and careful attention needs to be paid to the activation of your nervous system. Research has told us time and time again that change is possible if we experience the “right amount” of anxiety. Enough that it’s clear to us that the status-quo is not an option, and not too much that we feel overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless, or can’t understand what’s going on in a session.  

Many people think of therapy when they need advice or to be heard. However, therapy is way much more than that! Books, friends, family, and mentors can also listen and guide us from time to time, and can even be therapeutic and life giving! However, therapy is different in these fundamental ways:

  • You have full permission to be the center of the relationship. Your needs and goals are the ones that matter.
  • You don’t have to worry about hurting the feelings of your therapist for thinking, or feeling like you do, or worry about getting approval. 
  • You’re getting a professional opinion based on the knowledge that your therapist has gained through their years of training, working with many other clients, supervision of their cases, and ongoing training and clinical consultation engagements. 
  • The most important book you will seek guidance from in therapy is the book of YOU. Learning to know yourself deeply is one of the most rewarding aspects of therapy.

If you want to learn more about the difference between talking to a therapist and talking to a trusted friend, you can read this blog. 

If you’re ready to give therapy a try, we are here ready for you!





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